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Loving Your Inner Critic

It’s a new year, which means… well, whatever we want it to mean. For some of us, it means new beginnings, for others it’s continuing on a particular trajectory or slightly changing course. For others still, it’s just another day, but with an infuriating new digit to mess up on checks and forms.

Let’s pretend, however, that you’re not completely happy with something, and you’d like to make some changes. Maybe you make it a formal resolution, or maybe you just hope that you’ll conduct yourself a bit differently this year. I was taking a mental inventory just now, and I was hoping to eat better, exercise more, and… then I stopped.

Those are both worthy goals, to be sure, but I noticed a parallel line of thought: “I’ve got to stop putting so much garbage in my body. How am I going to reach my goal weight if I keep having 1000 calories of popcorn after dinner?” and “I’ve got to get back to the gym, I need some muscle.” ... continue reading.