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“Should I Go to a Psychiatrist?” Frequently Asked Questions

As I subtly implied in my post “Feel Depressed A Lot? Please Go Get Medicated, You Jerk,” I tend to think that medication is a good idea if you’ve got mood or anxiety problems. I’d like to use this post to answer some questions about the whole process, maybe allay some fears, and possibly confirm some others. It’s a mixed bag, but I think that the eventual positives outweigh the negatives.

“Why should I bother getting medicated?”

If you’re chronically down in the dumps, or if you can’t act like yourself because you’re so damned stressed out, medicine can make you feel better. In fact (and this is the main reason for me), it can make you feel more like yourself.

I recently got on a new regimen (sometimes this shit stops working quite right, or you get new goals), and suddenly I can leave my house again. I can stand talking on the phone and answering emails. I’m no longer binging on sugar or booze, and my mood is just plain better. ... continue reading.

Feel Depressed A Lot? Please Go Get Medicated, You Jerk

Hey. I know we barely know each other and all, but let’s pretend that you’ve been feeling shitty, off and on, for a long time. And by “off and on” I mean “pretty much always feeling shitty but you’re doing okay, so can’t we just drop it?”

This may not apply to you. Please accept this video of dogs in slow motion as consolation and enjoy your day. Otherwise, let’s talk.

Let’s define clinical depressionYou don’t have to be paralyzed by despair to qualify, you don’t even need to be really, really sad. The one defining characteristic of depression is that it disrupts your ability to live your life. While this is fine and dandy after something terrible happens, what if your low mood is screwing your life over for no obvious reason? ... continue reading.