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Mentally Ill In The First World

I’d like to write a little rant about being sick in the head, and my experience of it so far. It’s not fun, and it’s not all that funny.

I’m writing this for the anxious, who find themselves paralyzed in ways that no one understands; for the depressed, who shrink further and further into themselves, until sometimes they disappear; for those with disordered relationships with reality, who live in the same physical world, but with vastly different perceptions. I’m writing for the soul-hurt, marginalized, stigmatized sufferers, forced to travel alongside everyone else, but burdened with invisible illness.

I’m Ian Harvey, and I have anxiety.


More anxiety than is normal. Much more. I know that it doesn’t look like it, but what exactly should it look like? I know I don’t act like it (usually), but I’m excellent at hiding abnormal behaviors. Hell, we all are. We hide and we hide, we tell white lies to ourselves and others, all for the sake of passing as normal. When you see us act out or break down, that’s because we couldn’t pass any more. ... continue reading.

What To Do When The World’s Crashing Down

I’ve had a couple of major sky-is-falling crises in my life. Times when everything was going wrong, and my brain wasn’t helping matters one bit. Money stuff was all wrong, relationships were going to shit, and my anxiety was through the roof. Every waking moment was a nightmare because of depression or grief, and there was no end in sight.

Maybe you’ve never had an era in your life like that, or maybe you’re feeling a little queasy seeing someone talk about it so openly. Either way, let’s figure out how to weather the storm. Let’s punch disaster in the nuts. How?


That’s number one. I know it seems trite, but sometimes all you’re capable of is crouching down and covering your head as the blows rain down. You won’t win the round, but you’ll make it to the bell. ... continue reading.

Feel Depressed A Lot? Please Go Get Medicated, You Jerk

Hey. I know we barely know each other and all, but let’s pretend that you’ve been feeling shitty, off and on, for a long time. And by “off and on” I mean “pretty much always feeling shitty but you’re doing okay, so can’t we just drop it?”

This may not apply to you. Please accept this video of dogs in slow motion as consolation and enjoy your day. Otherwise, let’s talk.

Let’s define clinical depressionYou don’t have to be paralyzed by despair to qualify, you don’t even need to be really, really sad. The one defining characteristic of depression is that it disrupts your ability to live your life. While this is fine and dandy after something terrible happens, what if your low mood is screwing your life over for no obvious reason? ... continue reading.