Impromptu Hiatus

That would be a decent band name. Not a great one, because it’s kind of obnoxious, but it would look good on a t-shirt.

Anyway, I seem to be on break. I’ll be back in business as of May 1st, 2014. Anything that I write in the meantime will go into the publishing queue, so hopefully I’ll have regular content by the time that I start back up. I hope to have updates every Monday and Friday.

I got a second job, you see. Teach all week, massage all weekend, and rest never. Takes some getting used to, but I really do miss this. My thanks to those of you who plan to stick with me as I get my shit sorted out!


5 thoughts on “Impromptu Hiatus

  1. I know you’re busy busy but had to share this with you – our developmental biology lecturer wanted us to read it. It’s about connective tissue in the context of the observable mechanical effect of acupuncture, and about connective tissue as a neglected area of research particularly as it applies to medicine and chronic pain.

    It’s very pop bio in presentation but it was far more interesting than I expected. And I am happy that there is some logic behind acupuncture as a treatment for certain conditions.

    1. Holy crap, that was fascinating. Dynamic local tightening of collagen, ATP as a signaling molecule… I don’t know what it all means, but the body is responsive in ways that we’ll still be sussing out for generations. Greatly appreciate you sharing that!

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