5 thoughts on “Guided Meditation: Accessing Your Wisdom

    1. I appreciate the encouragement! Being a blogger just starting out is hard because you don’t get a lot of feedback.

      Oh also, I just got a decent microphone (the one I used for this was from Singstar fir PS2…) so expect my voice to be, like, ten times more soothing.

      1. I’d imagine you’d have to duct tape popsicle sticks to your neck to keep your head held high in the beginning. It would be a somewhat daunting task to start with a reader base of your Mom and the three people you small talk with at the water cooler. But, word of mouth has a strange, meandering way of building popularity. I especially believe this to be true for you because, honestly, your blog does not suck. If you continue, people will come (Hey, now. Not that way! Well, maybe with that new microphone you got).

        1. My mom is indeed 50% of my readership, but I’ll be damned if my co-workers will ever find out about my online-ness! They might start thinking that I have… independent thoughts. Also no one must know that I use the f-word.

          Thank you for your words of confidence, and lolllll at the microphone comment 😛

  1. I concur with Michelle! All 3 meditations are extremely relaxing. You’re blog is not only entertaining (I love your sense of humor!) but also so extremely helpful/comforting. I am loving reading your posts and will be sad when I finally reach the end. I like to read one a day and reflect on how that applies to my own life before continuing to the next. Thank you so much for posting.

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