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Can You Be Addicted to Sugar?

I was going to title this “My Struggle With Sugar,” but then I remembered that “Mein Kampf” means “My Struggle” and… well, I didn’t want to sound like a diabetic Hitler.

I realized something yesterday while reading a particularly inspiring post by Kris Gunnars over at Authority Nutrition: I might not be in control of my piss poor eating habits. I don’t want to overstate this, but I’ve been making myself sick from eating sweets since I was old enough to be left alone with my Halloween pillow case.

Oh baby...

Hell yes I used a pillow case, am I supposed to use a little plastic pumpkin like a chump?

My parents kept a somewhat tight leash on me when I was growing up, but things changed when I hit college. It turned out that no one could stop me from drinking 3 Cokes a day (and stacking the empties like a fratboy with something to prove), or from going to Waffle House at 3 AM for hashbrowns and a slice of pie. I gained the Freshman 50, and in under 6 months. ... continue reading.

WTF is Meditation?

I mean, you know what it is, and that it’s kind of a big deal… but why is it a big deal? What do you do exactly? And why won’t your crazy aunt shut up about it?

Meditation is the art of doing nothing, and doing it effortlessly. There’s some other stuff you can add on, like using it to focus on a task, or visualizing success, or reconnecting with your inner child (who, by the way, is tired of your shit), but those are all meditation-related. The act of meditating is a lot like floating in a pool, or plummeting from a cliff. If you’re doing it right, you’re not doing anything at all.

Like a boss
Credit: Gianni Cumbo on Flickr, CC BY 2.0

Why on Earth would I want to do that?

I’m glad I asked. Research over the last 50 years has shown, over and over again, that meditating regularly has a ton of benefits. It’s great for mood disorders (depression) and anxiety disorders of all stripes (generalized anxiety, OCD, anorexia, etc), as well as helping with a number of stress-related diseases. Got high blood pressure? Meditate. Insomnia? Meditate. Headaches? Meditate, damn you. ... continue reading.

Catastrophizing: How To Worry About Nothing

Let’s talk about catastrophe. As I sit here in my bathrobe, whiling away a morning off before a meeting, I’ve already had at least 2 moments of utter shocking horror.

One: I realized that I committed to going somewhere at a time when I already have to be somewhere else. That is simply too many places for any given interval. Needless to say, I panicked, despaired, considered the possible implications for my job and livelihood, and then shoved it away to deal with later. I’ll need to fix it when I get to work later, but that doesn’t stop it from popping up over and over again in the interim, like a ghost haunting my happiness. Thanks, I had been feeling good for a few minutes, I needed a fresh wash of adrenaline.

Two: I briefly considered working on my research project for my psych MA. At this point, it is my boogieman, the half-glimpsed horror seen just as you jolt awake in a cold sweat. It is my hemorrhoid. ... continue reading.