Guided Meditation for Sleep

I made an 18 minute guided meditation meant to be listened to as you go to sleep. It has some pretty groovy music made by DJ Cold Duck.

This one uses the principles of progressive muscle relaxation along with a bit of imagery, but I’m fairly sure it should be effective even if you don’t listen to the words. I want your brain to get the idea that it’s in a safe place, doing exactly what it needs to do.

Give it a listen, and let me know if it works for you. If you can think of any other guided meditations you’d like to hear, or any goals for meditation you might have in mind, leave me a comment!

15 thoughts on “Guided Meditation for Sleep

  1. Maybe I’l start a trend. People will start complimenting super models for their ability to save so much money on groceries…or tell alcoholics what upstanding citizens they are for keeping that hole-in-the-wall bar prospering. 🙂 It’ll be craziness!

  2. Well… I can’t vouch for whether or not it helps with sleep, but I just listened to this during my lunch hour in an attempt to talk myself down from an anxiety attack. Ever had a time when you just needed anyone else’s voice in your head but your own ? Turns out, yours works well for me lol. I figured the intended sleepiness would collide with my irrational stress and might just balance things out. Somewhere along the line it must have worked, because I’m feeling nearly human again. (Hey look! No one’s choking me after all! Yaaayyyy) You really DO have a soothing voice 🙂 Thank you for letting the world borrow it. Hope you are well!

    1. Excellent! I love that you got use out of this; panic attacks sound nightmarish (I’ve had glimpses, but my anxiety tends to like a slow burn).

      I’m going to make one of these specifically for panic. I’m not sure exactly how I’ll structure it, or what my strategy will be… but I like this idea. Thanks again, April!

  3. Nightmarish is a really good way to describe them. A bit like a nightmare you don’t know how to wake up from. A meditation geared specifically toward panic would be fabulous! I have very little experience with these gentle light-bringing meditation things except to say that apparently they work a lot better than cussing yourself out. I’ll let you know if I ever find an off switch. Maybe it will give you a starting place 🙂 What’s been really helpful for me in yours is that you directly address safety and not needing to guard yourself or be anything other than what you are in that moment. Those ideas, whether true or not [insert endless debate here], are day to my night. Safety is an odd and enchanting sort of concept.

    1. That’s an excellent starting place! That’s a concept that I’ve found powerful as well, when I was at my lowest. It’s amazing to let go of that guarded posture that you didn’t even know you were in.

      Also, amen to that “better than cussing yourself out” bit. My self-abuse never got me anywhere, thought it’s still something that I engage in. Baby steps and all that. 🙂

  4. Thank you for posting this up. I’ve been very sick for the past few days and I had gone three nights with virtually no sleep, with mind racing exacerbating the problem. I was very worried about a fourth night, but yesterday encountered your blog and tried your meditation with great success and wish to thank you for sharing your experience.

    I’m 68 and have been blessed with good health.

    It started with a cold on Christmas. Got some over-the-counter remedies: Benadryl All-in-One. Then I got what was later diagnosed as a bacterial ear infection. I was up all night coughing. I’ve been sick from time to time, but this night, Id’ have to cough and then not get back to sleep. I’d look at the time hoping that the night was nearly done, only 10 minutes or so would have passed. I was exhausted. Went to the clinic and the doctor prescribed an antibiotic for the bacterial infection and a once-per-day nose spray. Was up all night once again, saw every 30 minute interval all night. I’d have to cough and then not get back to sleep. Was now really exhausted, went back to the clinic. I’ve been sick before, but previously it would subside enough at night to at least get some sleep. The doctor said that I now had a tertiary bronchial infection, prescribed a stronger antibiotic and a prescription (hydrocodone) for the cough.

    It settled the cough down really well but had very unsettling mental side-effects on me. When I tried to go to bed (very early at 8 pm because I was fatigued), my mind wouldn’t stop racing. It felt like I was losing control of it. It was hugely troubling. After a couple of hours, it settled down a little, but once again, night passed in intervals of about half an hour. Looking on the internet, it turns out that others have experienced this with hydrocodone (and more generally as a component of sleep disorder). So I stopped the hydrocodone after one day. The aching pain of the ear infection subsided considerably as the antibiotic took effect, but I remained fatigued beyond imagination. Usually days seem to pass fairly quickly, because I’m working on things, but the day passed very slowly in 15-minutes. The fatigue worsened.

    I was very fearful about a fourth night. I googled “mind racing unable to sleep” and located your blog posts among other sites. For me, your lucid description of mind racing captured the phenomenon that I had felt. I put your meditation on my phone and connected the ear buds and hopes for the best. Went to bed about 10:15, working hard to stay up despite the fatigue.

    Tried the relaxation. There was a cough tension that was irremovable, but could feel relaxation in other muscles. Went through about 4 cycles, then had a coughing fit. But it was 12:40 by then so I was encouraged. One more session. Next coughing fit was 2 a.m, but wasn’t too bad. I think that I had one more coughing fit that I didn’t time. Woke up again with another coughing session. I checked, fearing the result, but it was 6:40 am. I’d not only slept, but, for the first time in days, had probably had some proper sleep.

    I don’t sleep well normally. I usually deal with mind racing by working on problems in my head, but have been tired for years. Until this incident, I’d never thought about mind racing as a problem, but I understand now that it is something that can be dealt with.

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